Armchair BEA: Introductions


One of my favorite armchair paintings: Marie-Guillemine Benoist , “Portrait d’une negresse”, Unknown via Wikimedia Commons.

While I debate attending Book Expo America 2016 in Chicago with the hope that it will be much less problematic by then (and catch that shade in the linked Publishers Weekly article about cities other than Chicago and New York City) I’m once again participating in Armchair BEA, the virtual hub for envious book bloggers everywhere. Today is all about letting y’all know a little bit more about me, so let’s get into it!

Why do you loving reading and blogging?

Reading is something I consistently rely on and always look forward to. No matter what’s happening in my life or where I am, books are there. Being able to escape into another world, even temporarily, is invaluable. Blogging is an excellent way to stay accountable as I develop as a writer. It’s also a place to gush about books I love, authors I’m crushing on, and what’s currently grinding my gears.

What is your theme song?

Parliament’s “Flashlight.” My parents played this one until the record went smooth. It bumped everywhere there was a mechanism to play music–from our basement during house parties to the ancient 8-track player in my father’s pickup truck. This song is my constant — the only thing that’s changed is how I listen to it. EVERYBODY’S GOT A LITTLE LIGHT UNDER THE SUN!

What does diversity mean to you?

More people like me writing more books about people like me and being agented by more people like me and those books being sold to publishers that employ more people like me and more people like me getting to read them.

What is the top book in your TBR pile?

Katherine Locke’s SECOND POSITION. If I meet my revision goals this week, I can dive on in. 😀

Share your favorite blog post on your blog. (aka written by you!)

Diversity: The Neverending Story, in which I attempt to unpack my blinding, ass-clenching rage about racism in the publishing industry.



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