The D-List: May 18, 2015

The D-List

10 Writers of Color We Should All Be Reading (Because Toni Morrison Isn’t the Only POC Author In The Universe)

Whenever I’m talking about books with friends, I’m surprised by how most of them still primarily read books by white guys, often old, dead white guys. It turns out that most people’s familiarity with authors of color tends to end with their high school curriculum at worst, or, at best, at the not-terribly-diverse bestseller lists. Read more here.

The City Is a Crossroads: Daniel José Older on Protest Art and Urban Lit

When we’re in a time when we have to proclaim in the streets that Black Lives Matter, literature is one of the first places where we learn what matters and whose life matters and whose doesn’t. And literature has been saying for centuries that black lives don’t matter. By not publishing black authors, by not publishing books about black people, that’s become the message by default. Whiteness being the default has been the message. Read more here.

‘Nimona’ makes a girl in sensible armor the star

Stevenson remembers the first time she went to a comic book store. She tells NPR’s Audie Cornish that she was just 11 years old, ‘and there’s that Princess Leia cutout, in the metal bikini, and she had a sign taped over her belly button, advertising the deals of the day … you get a message from that, you know? You get a message very loud and clear, and no one was throwing rocks at me and saying, girls can’t shop here, get out of here. You just kind of know when you’re not supposed to be somewhere.’ Read more here.


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