The D-List: April 13, 2015

The D-List


Flavorless and Colorless? Minority Experiences in YA/MG Books About Austism

People often accuse science fiction of over-relying on defaults and readers’ previous knowledge. Starships, teleportation, and so on, all provide familiar templates a writer can use as building blocks to a story. But realistic fiction can also rely on defaults in a very similar manner. Moreover, in realistic fiction even more so than in speculative genres, these defaults are usually sociocultural defaults shared by the majority of readership: ethnic and racial majority people (usually Euro-Americans), straight people, typically developing people. Read more here.

Growing up I thought Filipinos weren’t allowed to be in books

The BBC’s poll of the greatest children’s books of all time led to heartfelt objections on Twitter on beyond. Where was Judy Blume? Why were there no NEW books? What about Harry Potter? To appease those who were “slightly peeved” by these omissions, The Guardian held its own random Twitter poll, asking book lovers what children’s books would still be making their mark on future generations.

Well. I was peeved too, but for other reasons. Everyone seemed to forget that the poll was held to mark INTERNATIONAL Children’s Book Day.

Where was the international in a list of books that were equal parts American and British? Read more here.

We Need Diverse Books Becomes 501-c-3 Nonprofit

We Need Diverse Books, the organization that emerged last April from the controversy over BookCon’s initial author lineup, has officially become a 501-c-3 public charity with tax-exempt status. All contributions made to WNDB are now tax-deductible, retroactive to the organization’s official founding on July 14, 2014, when it dropped its original hashtag and incorporated as a volunteer-run nonprofit. Read more here.


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