Hey Ho Camp Nano


Yep, it’s that time again.

Camp NaNoWriMo is go! I have 40,000 word goal, an awesome cabin, and a shiny new idea that’s been bugging me for weeks.

Every time Nano season rolls around, I feel like some kinda creepy stalker. I spend way too much time actively trying to get people to come over to the dark side. But the amazing thing about the Camp version is that goals are super flexible: 500 words or 50,000, new idea or something rescued from the recycle bin. Who cares? You do what you want! The only rule is you have to get it done this month. I know, a camp with no rules to break doesn’t sound like much fun but I swear it is.


I.W. Gregorio’s camp kickoff advice was “do what works for you.” Nano isn’t for everyone and that’s totally legit. What I get from it is the freedom to go absolutely nucking futs with writing, to cast off every inhibition and worry and let the words speak for themselves. Editing comes later. Getting it on the page is all that counts.

Wish me luck as I jump headfirst into this story while revising another, and hit me up if you’re writing this month, even if it’s not with Camp Nano. Let’s keep each other on track!

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