The D-List: March 23, 2015

The D-List

Coloring Science Fiction With Diversity

‘Fairytales were stories told largely by women talking to other women, which is why so many of them are about princesses. So I feel like story-telling and feminism just go hand-in-hand, and racial justice issues too. Because when we speak up for ourselves and about ourselves, and include ourselves in these fantastical worlds and visions of the future, we’re basically saying that we refuse to be erased, that we refuse to be silenced, we refuse to be squashed.’ Read more here.

The Nightly Show Aired A Beautiful Take-down of Trolls Who Can’t Stand Diversity in Comics

‘Nerds don’t have a problem with women,’ said host Larry Wilmore, ‘they have a problem with change.’ He then asked the panelists if the whiny manbabies of the internet are racist, sexist, or just gross gatekeeping nerds, to which Amanat replied, ‘All of the above.’ Read more here.

‘Bharat Babies’ Brings Indian Culture to American Children

As Sailaja Joshi was preparing for the birth of her first child, she had difficulty finding the right books for her child’s first library. Recalling all the wonderful stories her mother told her as a child, lush with the colors and characters of India, she did what any expectant mother would do for her child—she started her own publishing company, Bharat BabiesRead more here.

Diversity Is Not Enough: Race, Power, Publishing

This is the language of privilege – the audacity of standing at the top of a mountain you made on the backs of others and then yelling at people for being at the bottom. If it’s not the intangible Market that’s to blame, it’s the writers of color, who maybe don’t have what it takes and don’t submit enough anyway. Read the subtextual coding here – the agent first places the onus of change on the folks with the least institutional power to effect it, then suggests we probably won’t be able to find the time (i.e., lazy) to master the craft. Read more here.




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