What’s Up Wednesday

Castle Button (Final)

What’s Up Wednesday is a blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk to help writers stay connected. See what other WUW writers are up to here.


Still engrossed in OPEN ROAD SUMMER. I’m starting to slow down my reading because I don’t want it to be over.


Technically, I’m not writing it but I’m having an awesome time plotting and brainstorming with my talented pal Cara Davis on her latest project. For some reason, she keeps asking me what I think! 😀

My Write Lady Head Right post goes up February 13. Feedback appreciated! And do not miss the pieces by the other members of the Lady Head Squad. Prepare for direct hits to your feels.


Lately, asking for feedback on my work has been invaluable. I keep forgetting that the more I do that, the easier it gets. I don’t think I’ll ever lose that feeling of wanting to roll away and hide when I know other eyes are on it. But that comes from a desire to do my best work, not that I feel my work isn’t good enough. And you can’t improve without feedback, so there you are.


  • Sorting out my apartment (flatware is still M.I.A.)
  • Query prep
  • Reconnecting with folks I’ve missed


15 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. All of our dishes have a strange tendency to mysteriously disappear in our house somewhere. Which is fine, I guess, since I hate doing dishes, anyway…heh.

    Feedback is so helpful! Even when it hurts (I’m looking at you, agent rejections), it’s still a valuable tool to make sure the work you’re putting out is its best.


  2. I also really liked Open Road Summer. It reminded me of Nashville the TV show. I love all these music biz shows, that and Empire.


  3. Asking for feedback is such a great thing. I don’t think I do it enough, to be honest. And it really doesn’t matter where you’re at in the process either. Sometimes getting feedback on ideas that are just bouncing around in your brain is super helpful in getting it out. I need that kind of thing to keep going. Plotting and brainstorming is loads of fun. Have fun with that! 😀 Hope you have a wonderful week, Adrianne!


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