Writer Recharge: Update 1

Writer Recharge FB

The first week of Writer Recharge was pretty good. I claim victory! There’s still time to join, details here.

So How Did Last Week Go?


  • Revisions are going well for THINGS I SHOULD HAVE SAID despite the crippling fear of dual POV that grips me every time I open that darn thing.
  • Between revisions and notes on a new story, I made my 500 new words per day goal.
  • My Write Lady Head Right contribution is a revised scene from a long-dormant WIP. The Roommate approved and combated his bias by forming an impromptu focus group of co-workers who gave it the thumbs-up and asked if he was my muse. 😀  It posts here on February 13 and definitely check out the other blog hop participants. Seriously brilliant stuff.


  • I started OPEN ROAD SUMMER and I’m hooked. It’s so, so good.


  • Had a couple of not-so-great health days so I didn’t get as much physical activity in as I wanted. But there was copious chair and bed dancing. That counts, right?


  • There’s a pitch workshop in a couple of weeks that has me super excited. Cheers for writers IRL!

6 thoughts on “Writer Recharge: Update 1”

  1. I realized the only way the WIP I’m getting ready to re-start is in dual POV, so I feel you on the crippling fear that comes along with that. During NaNo I tried to do third person to make it easier, but it felt wrong, so I guess it’s going to be first person. Hopefully we both end up figuring it out!

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  2. Ah, you make me laugh. I’m so glad that your revisions are going well. Dual POV is scary. I swore I wouldn’t do it again after TLTYS and GUESS WHAT? My new one that I started last week? Dual (censored) POV.

    I’m looking forward to your contribution to the blog hop – I’ve seen a lot of good writing this week! 😉

    Hope the rest of your week is productive and that you’re feeling better soon.


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