Confronting the Chaos Demon

Considering I could give all the responses to the question above lately, it’s safe to say my state of mind has been all over the place.

We writers are an emotional lot. It’s a strong asset when you’re crafting worlds and characters and snappy patter. But that ability also makes the delusion that my writing life is some distinct aspect of me rather than being inextricably linked to everything I am, do, and experience very easy to believe and sustain.

So when my life is chaotic, so is my writing. Jeez, that sounds obvious. But when I’m in the thick of it, nothing is ever that simple. However, at least now I recognize when I’m riding an emotional Tilt-A-Whirl and that’s progress.

All of this to say that despite everything that’s going on in my life, I’m still trying, which means I’m still writing. Even if it’s just a few new words a day or cutting a line here and there. I try not to beat myself up over where I’m “supposed” to be in this journey or compare myself to anyone else. I allow myself guilty pleasures and fun diversions. I ask for support and help when I need it rather than toughing it out on my own. All I can do is my best.



One thought on “Confronting the Chaos Demon”

  1. Sending you all the hugs dude. I have been in that position off-and-on all winter, so believe be when I say that you will get through it, then you may return to it, but then you will get past it again. You are still writing, and that is something!


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