Bootcamp: Fear Cage


Still bootcamping and whatnot. Last week’s progress is here. Let’s get into it!

What did you do last week to meet your goals?

Read my amazing crit notes and then wanted to weep because how on earth could I possibly make this thing as good as folks are saying it has the potential to be? *insert gnashing of teeth and rending of garments* I tried my best to move through the crippling fear and just get started. The only way out is through, right?

Did you meet your goals? 

I did everything except finish my character Q&As. Whoop!

What are your goals for the coming week?

  1. Finish my revision playlist.
  2. Stop being a scaredy cat.
  3. Get through all of my beta reading. (y’all are SO patient, please forgive me)




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