It’s Been Awhile

Hey y’all! So much has happened since I last posted. I submitted work to PitchWars, I’ve been swamped with back-to-school-type stuff for the Dayjob, and dealing with health stuff.

Oh, and Hello Kitty isn’t a cat after all.


As for my summer writing challenges, I fell down on the reporting side. I didn’t stop writing but as I tend to do when life gets wonky, I retreat into a hole and don’t reach out as much, which is crazypants because I definitely need the support and encouragement of all of the fantastic people  who have my back no matter what. 

So all in all, I’m doing okay and still plugging away. I’m looking forward to finishing revisions, adding words to a neglected WIP, starting my first co-writing project, and a writing retreat in October. 

Hope everyone’s doing well! 




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