Armchair BEA: It’s a Wrap


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Armchair BEA is officially done! I had a great time this week. Catch up on my posts here.

Today we’re posting our reflections. Some key takeaways:

  • Posting every day ain’t easy. However, it’s been a minute since I’ve given any attention to writing regularly and blogging every day this week warmed up my writing muscles.
  • Book bloggers are amazing. Everyone’s been so kind and generous and I’ve found several new blogs to follow.
  • Social media FTW. Twitter and Google+ kept me connected all week long.
  • Swag rocks. The prize giveaways were so cool. Winning helped ease my BEA swag envy.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by. And thanks to the Armchair BEA organizers! Y’all made a huge task look easy. 😀


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