Armchair BEA: Meeting Your Idols

Mary Cassatt, Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878, public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Mary Cassatt, Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Before jumping into the deep end of Twitter, I didn’t have much personal interaction with authors. What if I met one and said the wrong thing or couldn’t speak at all? What if I mustered up the courage to speak and they were jerks? These fears kept me from many a reading and book signing. But one thing brought me out of my shell: TWILIGHT.

Now I have not come to bury TWILIGHT, but to praise it (sorry, Shakespeare). Say what you will, those novels excited readers like nothing anyone had ever seen. When Stephenie Meyer came to Kansas City right as THE HOST was being published, you would’ve thought the hottest, most boy-bandingest group ever was in town. Hundreds of rabid readers shrieked and screamed and applauded and stomped their feet in appreciation. The excited buzz as my niece and I waited in line for the book signing was pretty cool. I had to push my niece forward she was so nervous, and in being supportive of her, I forgot my own insecurities. I was able to greet Stephenie (she said that, “please call me Stephenie”), ask her to sign my favorite book of the series, Eclipse, and tell her how much my friends and family loved discussing her books.

My super happy niece after her first author event.
My super happy niece after her first author event.

After that positive experience, I jumped at every chance I could to meet authors in person. Jennifer Brown, Gennifer Albin, Julie Murphy, Kelsey Macke, Jennifer Mathieu, and Jenny Martin were all amazingly sweet, and some of them said they knew me from Twitter. EEEP.

[sidenote: I’ve met a lot of authors named some variation of Jennifer.] 

Speaking of Twitter,  authors that I routinely squee over occasionally respond:

*cue freakout*

Twitter brought amazing writers into my life who subsequently got agents and book deals and self-published and birthed their book babies out into the world and before you knew it, I was counting these authors among my friends. I’m so proud of them and it’s been nice seeing they haven’t let fame go to their heads. 😀

So thanks to all the authors I’ve meet for being generous and supportive and all-around cool people. I’m so glad I’m not scared of you anymore!




14 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Meeting Your Idols”

  1. I really need to start interacting with authors on Twitter. I always get so scared, and I don’t even know why. I was caught up in the whole Twilight hype too, and Eclipse was my favorite also. I’m jealous that you’ve met so many authors! Great post 😀


  2. OK, I’ll admit it, Twilight got me back into reading too. I was always an avid reader but kids, work, exhaustion, you know the drill. Then Twilight came into my life. And I started reading again. All sorts of books. All sorts of genres. Now here I am, a book blogger.
    Isn’t it fun getting tweets from your favorite authors? It always makes my day.


    1. Twilight is like a dirty little secret. I know people that will cop to reading 50 Shades of Gray before admitting they like Twilight, which should be no surprise considering 50 Shades’ source material. And yes, I’m still shocked that authors write me back. It’s so nice of them.


  3. While personally I did not like Twilight, I love how it got people excited about books and reading. And look at all the fanfiction out there as a result of Twilight. Love it or hate it, it did great things for reading.


  4. Oh my word…her smile says it all! How awesome! My daughter keeps reminding me that a lady at church is related to Stephenie Meyer! I am tempted to ask her to get my copies signed. I’ve promised my daughter I would only have one set (I’m a junky) signed and would do my best not to embarrass my daughter. 🙂


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