Bootcamp: Life Goes On


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Why hello, Spring Writing Bootcamp update! I wish there was more to report but this past week really wasn’t one of my best. Between recovering from sinus surgery and mourning the loss of my kitty Domino, there was way too much going on in my head to write like I wanted to. But I still managed to get some stuff down, including some words on a short story that I’ve been tinkering with forever, so that’s progress.

Team Defiance is making it happen as usual. Not only do we write our asses off, we have great taste in music. Check out the Team Defiance playlist compiled by our fearless leader Lady Byrd Bonebreaker, aka Sara Biren.

Oh, and there was BINGO!


Bootcamp Bingo April 2

This week’s goals: 

  • Write everyday
  • Get good, consistent sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Cheer on fellow bootcampers

Thanks everyone for all of the support this past week. It’s helped more than you know. Onward!






5 thoughts on “Bootcamp: Life Goes On”

  1. Sorry to hear about your cat. I have a fuzzy friend who follows me around at home. Pets are part of our families. ((hug)). I hope you feel better and recover okay.


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