Bootcamp: Recovery


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Oh, April – where the heck have you gone? It’s dang near May! Just over a month remains for the YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp. It’s also Monday which means it’s time to check in.

The biggest news is I made it through my sinus surgery and according to the doc everything went as it should. Thanks to The Roommate’s hustle, I spent the first couple of days afterward recuperating Hollywood-style in a comped hotel suite. That may not sound like a big deal but I was terrified about navigating our third floor walk-up under the waning effects of anesthesia and heavy doses of pain meds. So I was grateful that all I had to worry about was tripping mentally (norco is NO JOKE) instead of literally.

Needless to say, not much writing was accomplished until I remembered how my fingers worked. I did some read throughs and writeclub sprints. It was slow-going but I’m proud of the little bit I did on behalf of Team Defiance. I also walked the plank and shared some of my WIP, so cheers for medically-induced bravery!

In other awareness news, the little bit of brain-to-mouth filter I possess goes AWOL when I’m on narcotics so my tweets (and general conversation, I’m told) are particularly comical right now. But since I’m pretty much confined to my brand new, ultra-comfy, slice-of-heaven bed, social media is my only companion. Or at least until The Roommate consents to a manservant and/or a few Brother Husbands.

So that’s about it. I need to take a mini WIP break sometime this week to scribble down notes for a possible short story before the drugs scrub them from my brain, but I won’t be away from it long. Oh, and here’s last week’s non-bingo.



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