Bootcamp: Drink Up, Me Hearties


Want to get your writing act together? Details here

The first month of YA Buccaneers’ Spring Writing Bootcamp is a wrap! How did I do?

  • Won Bootcamp Bingo a few times
  • Did a bunch of wordsprints with the lovely ladies of Team Defiance
  • Pinned character outfits
  • Kept up with blog posts
  • Reclaimed my work breaks for writing
  • Practiced my pirate-speak
  • Wrote an assload of words

And a special How-I-Made-It-Through-March shout-out to the Writing Happy Hour (and its cousin, the Reverse Writing Happy Hour)! Apparently, kicking off my evening writing with a cocktail is just what the doctor ordered. I’m not going all Hemingway, but it does make new words much more entertaining.

April’s just around the corner (TOMORROW!) and I’m looking forward to Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal’s small this time around, “only” 20,000 words.  That will give me a nice, healthy first draft to eviscerate later on. I’m going to need all the booze discipline I can get if I want to stay on track during my work trip this week. Onward, ya scallywags!




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