Bootcamp: Bright Side


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Hot damn! Despite having what I expected to be a slow workweek turn out to be hellaciously busy, I still kicked pirate’s booty. Speaking of, have y’all ever eaten Pirate’s Booty? It’s delicious! And yes, I’m fully aware of how perverted that sounds.

Anyhoo, with the help of Team Defiance, #writeclub, and a slew of amazing fellow swashbuckling bootcampers, I managed to sprint my way through a few thousand new words. I’m not quite at the wordcount I’d like but it’s okay. Slow and steady wins the race and all that. I was losing steam over the weekend so I decided to motivate myself by pinning quotes from my MC, Fallon, on Pinterest. I’ve done this before and it always gives me a jolt of energy seeing my words in different formats. It feels authory, if that makes sense, like it comes from a real book. 😀


Here’s hoping this week is full of all the words. Never mind that I’ve got a CRAPTON of things to do in preparation for work conferencing next week and it’s snowing when it’s almost freaking April and I totally failed at my goal of losing 20 pounds before my flight and it sounds like there’s a freaking drumline in my right ear.

*deep breath*

WHOOSALet’s keep it positive, people.


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