Bootcamp: Hell Week


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Avast ya scallywags! The team formerly known as 1 has been festooned with the moniker Team Defiance! That name just screams badassery, right? And I love anything that even hints at rebellion. Watch us work!


Now how did I do this past week? Erhm. My Bootcamp Bingo card is a good indicator.

bootcampbingocheckin2Could’ve been better. Could’ve been worse. And by better I mean I could’ve put down 10,000 new words. And by worse I mean my hands could’ve become arthritic and fallen off.  *sigh* Did I mention that I’m working on not going to extremes?

Last week was so busy at work. Tons of evening events and programs and more hours put in per day than should be allowed by law (yet it’s all totally legal since I’m salaried). Therefore, the wordage was extremely minimal. I did some blogging, and a lot of writing for work, but not much in the way of my WIP. Honestly, I feel crappy about it. Lately, working on my fiction is what helps keep me balanced (see the aforementioned extremes) and I definitely noticed the difference in my mood without it.

This week I’m reclaiming my free time. Although I rarely take them, I do get breaks at work. I’m going to use them to do something related to writing. In just a few minutes I can do character sketches, Q&As, or show off their outfits on Pinterest.

I’m also excited about making a mini-outline for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m a tried and true pantser but I need to have a few benchmarks if I’m going to make my wordcount goal for April. I’d also like to reach the 40,000 word mark on the WIP by the end of this week. Work should be quiet (thanks, Spring Break) so it’s a good time to catch up. Onward!


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