Bootcamp: Struggle City


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Let’s start with the good news, shall we? I’m on the bestest, hottest, most writeriffic team in all the Seven Kingdoms (See, HBO? I don’t need hip hop to get into Game of Thrones): TEAM 1! It’s so nice of them to already list us in first place because we’re going to WIN EVERYTHING.

I’ll need that confidence as we go forward because after being ill all weekend and just starting a work Hell Week, I have a feeling words won’t come easy. But all I need to do is get them on the page. They don’t have to be pretty or elegant or make a lick of sense. They just need to spew from my brain via my fingers. I’ll worry about everything else later.

I did have a moment today where a bunch of dialogue rang out in my head. At first I thought it was a psychotic break due to this maddening whooshing in my ear because of a blocked eustacean tube, but nope–it was my MC. And she had a crapton of stuff to say! So I wrote some notes down fast before I could forget it. It was magical.


5 thoughts on “Bootcamp: Struggle City”

      1. I’ve doubled the number of hours at my one job this week because I keep getting called in to cover. I mean, it’s awesome for me (yay, money!) but I think we had like three or four people call out Monday? Which is so ridiculous for a clothing store on a weekday.


  1. Yes, we do have one awesome team, don’t we?! 😉 And I LOVE that feeling when the words come too fast for my fingers. Good for you! Good luck with your goals this week!


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