Writer Recharge – Update Finito

Writer Recharge

Details about the month-long writing kick-in-the-pants here.

I’m so late with this because SICK. Sinus infected (still) and congested and blargh. I’ve been directed by the professionals to do this:


When I would rather do this:


Anyhoo, how ’bout them goals?

I’m happy to report that I finished my first draft of THINGS WE SHOULD HAVE SAID during this past Friday’s #writeclub. I have rarely experienced such joy. My big goal for Writer Recharge was to finish that darn thing and I did it. Lord knows why I’d set such a lofty goal during a month that is shortchanged of days, but no one ever said writers were sane.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support during this challenge! I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you and continuing to cheer you on.

6 thoughts on “Writer Recharge – Update Finito”

  1. YAY!!!!! for finishing! But boo to your sinus issues. I had a doc tell me the same years ago, “use a neti pot.” And I was like, “A whaty what?” I just couldn’t bring myself to pour water into my nose, so I stood in the bathroom a lot, either with the shower running or bent over a sink full of hot water. It was a strange time.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!


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