Why You No Make it Easy on Me?

So did y’all see that clickbaity article on Huffington Post UK about how JK Rowling should just step aside and let other adult fiction writers have a turn?


*deep breath*



  • All the big-name authors packing it in will magically make you more publishable.


  • Telling a successful author with a devoted fandom to slag off will boost your sales.


  • Saying middle grade/young adult books suck makes adult books better by default.


  • Criticizing the worthiness of books you’ve never read makes you credible.


  • We don’t recognize this for the grade-A thirst-trap it is.

It’s like telling LeBron James to retire early because his bad-assery hurts your feelings. Seriously? What gives you the right to tell anyone they should quit writing, successful or not? I guess JK Rowling should just be content with polishing her Legion of Honor medal and counting her many coins.

I think it’s admirable that despite her success, Rowling hasn’t stopped writing. And I hope that one day when I’m stinking rich from selling books, I’ll still chase my dreams and aspirations.

10 thoughts on “Why You No Make it Easy on Me?”

    1. It seems like a cry for help or attention or something. It doesn’t make sense to me to even think of asking successful authors to back down. Plus she does it in a way that, as Sarah commented, insults everyone who works with young adult and middle grade lit.


  1. That’s just jealousy showing its ugly side. I mean, it’s nothing but making excuses. Yeah, I’m not famous because JK Rowling is. Yup, that must be it. Seriously, who thinks that way? The author of the article is a piece of work.


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