Writer Recharge Update 3

Writer Recharge

Details about the month-long writing kick-in-the-pants here.

Where has the time gone? Last week just flew by. Excitement abounded down here on the Prairie because the temperature cracked the 40s. Folks broke out their shorts and flip-flops and for one glorious day we pretended it was spring. Then the very next day, it froze. Then rained. Then sleeted. Then hailed. Then thundersnowed. Then snowed. UGH. Did you know “overwintering” is a real thing? Nice to know that all this time I’ve been complaining about being “over winter”, there’s factual evidence to back up that feeling.


Last week’s goals were all about being positive, putting down words every day, and working toward finishing the WIP. I’m happy to report that my attitude was pretty darn good. Thanks to Twitter (mostly in the form of sprints and general writerly encouragement), I kept my head up and spirits high. Making a love list helped so much. Having a visual reminder of all the things I love about my story was great motivation, especially when I was in that dark valley where you absolutely hate what you’re writing and you’re positive it’s just a huge, steaming pile of cow poop.

This Week’s Goals

  • Write until the wheels fall off
  • Create a Finish-First-Draft cocktail (I’m open to naming suggestions)
  • Visit and encourage as many other Writer Recharge peeps as possible

More from the WIP:


“So whose party is this?” I ask.

Ryan turns down the radio. “This girl Shannon I dated over the summer. Didn’t last long. Anyway, it’s at her cousin Kurt’s place.”

“Why would you go to your ex’s party?”

“We’re still cool. Besides, Kurt’s family’s loaded like yours. I thought you might like hanging out in your natural habitat.”

“Yeah, like we’re slumming it at Greenbriar.”

 “True. But he’s a Porter kid. You have to admit that’s a step up, even for us. Hey, should I pull over? You look like you’re about to puke.”

Calculating: What are the odds I’d get invited to my first high school party by a potential John Wayne Gacy and that said party host is his ex’s cousin who goes to the same school as my ex-whatever-the-heck-we-were?

Pretty damn good, actually. If I know all the prep school science geeks in town why wouldn’t all the prep school partiers tribe up too?

“Tate. Come back to earth anytime, man.” Ryan sounds worried.

That makes two of us.


5 thoughts on “Writer Recharge Update 3”

  1. Much like I can’t ever come up with titles for my WIP, I also can’t think of cocktail names 🙂

    Now I want to know what happens at this party with Tate and his ex-whatever-it-was-they-were!

    Good luck with writing until the wheels fall off this week!


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