Snow Day

Snowpocalypse has descended on the Prairie. Six inches of snow and counting! I know that’s not much for some of y’all but it’s caused a fair amount of panic here. Getting bread or milk at the grocery stores last night was nigh impossible and as of three o’clock yesterday afternoon–before a flake had touched the ground–schools, businesses, and government offices had decided today was a wash. I saw a few brave sledders but they didn’t last long. This wind is BRUTAL.

If you must try this at home, please film it

Adults don’t get many snow days, so it’s nice to have the time off. I’m dealing with the sudden death of a family member so having a day when I don’t have to fake a good mood or worry about “bringing down the room” is very much appreciated. So, for once, I can officially thank Winter for it’s meteorological bitchery.

The plan for the rest of the day is to read, write, drink a crapton of warm beverages, make playlists, and catch up on the Netflix queue. Oh and if you scroll down a bit you’ll notice that big ol’ countdown calendar. Yep, I’m giving myself a deadline to finish drafting THINGS I SHOULD HAVE SAID. Accountability is key, people. So hold me to it! And send snacks.


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