The Cover

Points for being adorbs and using faces wisely. And love the old-school chalkboard. Is chalk even allowed in schools anymore?

The Story

Ashley Price is the new girl. After being bullied out of town, she moves to her aunt and uncle’s in Pittsburgh. She doesn’t have much to look forward to at Mansfield Prep except spending time with best friend and unrequited object of affection Brendan, shooting pictures, and blowing everyone’s mind with her Hawkingsian math skills. Cue the Hottie Twins, Sofia and Vincent, who quickly manage to not only upset the proverbial apple cart but burn it to the ground. Suddenly, Brendan’s sprung on Sofia and Vincent’s sending major I’m-into-you signals Ashley’s way. Thing is, her spider-sense tingles every time they come around. What will it take to make Brendan realize Sofia’s not the jam? Is Ashley strong enough to repel Vincent’s charms?

Maths, Maths, Everywhere

Who knew numbers could make you swoon? Apparently, I need numerical love notes and math-team sexual tension in my life. Plus (see what I did there?) Ashley’s amazingly sorrynotsorry about being an arithmetical badass, even though she’s conflicted about whether she should use her powers for good or evil. And even though she’s crushing hard on Brendan, she refuses to dumb herself down to get his attention.

Telling Quote

I wondered if this outfit would inspire Vincent to finally make the move and try to really kiss me–hands-in-my-hair, biting-my-lip kissing. One thing I knew for sure–I was ready to feel, just for this one night, what it felt like to be wanted, looked at, admired, by a whole house full of people.

Final Thoughts

In Ashley, LeighAnn Kopans has crafted a main character with just the right amount of sweetness, snark, and vulnerability. Ashley stumbles, falls, regroups, and falls again, while displaying an endearing resilience that readers will identify with. SOLVING FOR EX is a welcome addition to Team Contemporary.

SOLVING FOR EX publishes February 11, 2014. Pre-order it here. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. 


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