Busting My Ass (Literally)

So guess who sprained her ankle at work?



That’s what I get for working on weekends and forgetting that it only takes a second to get effed up on the job.

I’ve had a lot of time to think during the couple of days I’ve been bedridden. The following thoughts are in no way induced by meds–the strongest thing I have is Tylenol–but could be attributed to ankle-elevation head-rush.

  • My bed is really comfy.
  • Is there work you can do in bed that doesn’t involve sex with randoms?
  • The bathroom seems really far away.
  • Why doesn’t my room have a refrigerator?
  • Everyone should have a stuffed Eeyore to cheer them up when they’re sick/injured.
  • Don’t judge me by my Netflix queue.
  • Somebody needs to deliver cake.
  • If I fell and died in the kitchen, how long would my cats wait before eating my face?

Once the annoyance and embarrassment subside, I’m sure I’ll get back to regular writing/revising. I hope you all are having a better (or at least less painful) start to the week!

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