The End is Near

Remember that one time when I thought I’d keep my blog updated during NaNoWriMo?



And I’m glad that so many people are doing awesome but every time I hear, “I wrote eleventy billion words on day one”, I get ragefits.

maleficient rage

And then there’s that moment when you’ve exchanged work with what you think is the perfect critique partner and all they offer in the way of feedback is, “It was…okay.”

maleficent awkward


But despite all that  I’m looking forward to a long holiday weekend full of turkey and naps and movies and The Roommate and ALL THE WORDS. It’s time to slay this beast.


8 thoughts on “The End is Near”

  1. Lol…funny way to look at NaNo. I’m sure your WIP isn’t that bad. We’re always overly critical of our own words. And first drafts are usually not presentable and pretty. I’m sure you’ll make it shine.


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