Nano Week One Review

After the first full week of National Novel Writing Month, I’m proud to say that my brain has only shut down once. Sure, it kept me alive and whatnot but writerly inspiration ground to a halt. No writing, no even thinking about it, for three days. And anyone who’s done Nano knows that missing three days of writing can easily send you off the rails.

off the rails

My progress was slowed when I was felled by the first wave of cold/flu season crud earlier this week. While recovering from that, I learned that my older cat Domino is diabetic. Injections, medications, prescription food…*sigh* Both my wallet and my spirit took a beating. I really need to figure out how to claim my cats as dependents on my health insurance.

Anyhoo, thanks to the #Writeclub marathon hosted the first couple of days of Nano (where I clocked over 5,000 words), I’m really not too far behind. Today I’m posted up in the public library doing my part for the NanoWriMo Writing Marathon. After settling up with the Vet, I’m not sure I can donate this year but the least I can do is write my hardest and encourage others to do the same.

Oh, and my favorite stuff written so far:

There’s that fluttery feeling right before we touch, the one I hope never goes away. His left arm wraps around me as his right hand closes the door and it’s against my back as I pull him into me, every bit of us saying we want this, and he’s smelling so good, like oak and mint, as his lips move down my neck and I clutch his shoulders, and god, there’s a bed right there, why can’t we just—

He backs away. I groan, pain in the parts of me he’s shocked awake. My phone beeps, Mandy probably, but I so don’t want to think about my sister right now.  

nano participant button

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