Good News, Everyone!

good news

There’s a ton of writerly happiness floating around the interwebs. Contest wins, agent hookups, publishing deals, book birthdays, etc. If any of the like has happened to you, HUGE congrats!

I have some good stuff to share too:

  • REVISIONS ARE FINITIO! Hot damn. Now I just have to pluck up enough courage to send PLEASE STAND BY to my teenage niece/CP/focus group for eviscerating.
  • I’m judging Cybils! I really enjoyed the experience last year, and I’m pleased to judge the 2nd round young adult fiction selections again. Nominations start October 1 so if you have some favorites, please speak up!
  • Each year, the university I work for selects one book for the entire system to read. Known as the Common Book, it’s given to all first-year students at orientation but everyone on the campuses and surrounding communities are invited to read and discuss it. I’m on the committee tasked with choosing next year’s book. That means I get to read and discuss lots of books with amazing people and get paid for it! Win-win!

What’s good with you? Feel free to brag all over the comments!

14 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!”

    1. This year’s book is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. There’s been some great stuff surrounding it including a campus-wide quest game, 80s-themed events, and our art museum chose an art work in response to the themes of the book. Cline’s visiting the campus next week and I’m pretty excited about it!


  1. Yay! It feels good to be finished, right? The Common book…interesting. I’d love to be on that committee. My hood news: I perfected my longline. It was hard to do it under 100 words. I did it with about 25. Yay me!


    1. Yes, I am so relieved! I need to take a few days just to celebrate that victory before diving into my WIP. That’s really great about your logline. I really struggle getting those pared down.


  2. Getting on that committee sounds like a lot of fun! As does Cybils. If you need anyone else to look over PLEASE STAND BY, I’d be happy to read it 🙂


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