From the Revision Cave

I’m on my FINAL revision for PLEASE STAND BY. This is the fourth go-round. That might seem excessive but the first three were absolutely necessary because it was a steaming hot mess. But I feel like I’ve been working on this for-EVAH!

84 years

I’m agonizing over every word: killing adverbs, activating verbs, cutting “thats” (there were tons of them). It’s hard finding the balance between making something shine and becoming obsessed. There was one point over the weekend where I was ready to chuck the whole thing.

sheldon done

Seriously.  It was like all of a sudden, my characters went on strike. So annoying! But considering how obstinate my MC is, I shouldn’t be surprised. But even when my brain finally kicked it into gear, I still floundered. It took 90 minutes to revise two sentences. Blargh. Does anyone ever feel secure in what they’re writing? Does it ever feel easier? (Please say the answer to those questions is yes, if only to make me feel better.)

no idea

But I know the end is near. If I stick to my schedule, I should be finished by the end of this weekend. Then I can celebrate. And it will be epic.

16 thoughts on “From the Revision Cave”

  1. yes….no haha a big no. I think you get fleeting waves of self assurance which are then smothered in the tsunami of self doubt. (analogy!!) You’re doing so well! hang in there! Once the work is done, it’s done and you should feel super proud!


  2. Yay for being almost finish with revisions. I understand. Revisions are painful and never-ending. I mean, you could literally revise for-EVAH! LOL Well, I can and I finally had to grab myself around the neck and yell, “Step away from the Manuscript!” I backed away slowly but the darn thing keeps calling to me. I think I’ll feel this way until an agent or publisher takes it out of my hands. *sigh*


    1. Ha! I think I need to do that. I know it will never be perfect but I really dislike revising and so I’m always trying to make sure I’m not half-assing it. You’re right, maybe when we have someone to pass it off to, we’ll get better at letting go.


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