More Than Just a Kiss

More Than a Kiss

Thanks to Dawn Brazil, I stumbled across one of my favorite things: a kissyface blogfest! It’s hosted by Cecelia Roberts and Christine Rains and the rules are thus:

  1. Sign up on the linky list and post the badge on your blog.
  2.  On one of the days of the week of September 9th, post a kissing scene on your blog. It can be either fiction or non-fiction.
  3. Please do not exceed 250 words.
  4. This is a blogfest, so visit the other participants and have fun!

Easy, right? Throw in cool prizes and the opportunity to meet other writers and I’m sold. In this scene from my young adult contemporary WIP, SISTER STAR, the main character, Collie, experiences her first kiss.

He runs his hands through his shaggy, black hair. He kneels in front the sofa, feeding me more tissues. I start apologizing, hoping the words I rarely use—I’m sorry—sound sincere. But before I can finish, he cups my cheek, his thumb wipes the tears away, and his mouth’s feather-soft against mine.

It’s slow at first. My teeth gently tug his lower lip. Noises I didn’t know a person could make bubble from his throat. We kiss soft, hard, and everything in between. His hands slide up my thighs and clutch my hips. My fingers tangle in his hair as my mouth trails down his neck, resting in the perfect hollow between his collarbones. His growls vibrate against my lips.

I crackle like a July 4th sparklerSkin prickly and blazing hot. Pulse pounding in my ears. Breath fast and uncontrollable. Nothing matters except getting closer.

I fall back. He braces himself on one arm above me, brown eyes dazed and glassy. His callused fingertips flutter delicately over me like he’s afraid I’ll break, making me shudder. Grazing bare skin above my shorts. Slipping under my t-shirt. Tracing my ribs. Edging beneath my bra.

He whispers, “Collie, have you ever—”

Noise spills into the house. He jumps up, glances at his crotch, and groans. I swallow a giggle. I want to brag—I totally did that—but this has to stay amazing. I turn away so he can adjust himself in private.

When I look back, he’s gone.

Update: I was awarded third place in the More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest! Thanks to the judges and everyone who read and commented on my entry!

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