WriteOnCon Recovery

Man! I think I have a WriteOnCon hangover. If online conferences are this much fun I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever get to one in person. I may not survive it!

My brain is still processing everything, but I do have a few immediate takeaways:

  • It’s okay to be scared. I was nervous about posting my work. I spent three days before the conference trying to decide which WIP would get the honors. Then I almost talked myself out of it. But ultimately, I figured it was better to be scared and do it than to chicken out and regret it.
  • Go with your gut. After much hemming and hawing, my gut said, “Just post the newest WIP.” Then I had to figure out what the heck to call it. My gut offered, “How about THINGS WE SHOULD HAVE SAID?” Note: for some reason, my gut sounds like Eliza Doolittle pre-Professor Higgins.
  • Pay it forward. It was so cool having people comment on my writing. So to repay the kindness, I tried to read and critique as much as work as I could. I met some cool people and discovered amazing stories that I wish were already published.
  • Surprises rock. I figured since I posted a WIP, there was no way I’d get any attention from the Ninja Agents. I’ve never been so glad to be wrong! Agent Bubbles popped by my profile with a huge dose of love that made me do a happy dance (seriously, The Roommate was a witness).

The conference was so energizing. I’m more excited than ever to keep working on this story, even though it’s a dual POV and is challenging me (in good ways) at every turn. I’m even looking forward to writing a query and that never happens.  Such is the power of WriteOnCon!

Big, big thanks to the conference organizers and to my Twitter followers for putting up with my excessive tweets! 


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