What’s Up Wednesday

what's up wednesday

What’s up Wednesday is a weekly meme brought to you by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. Make sure you check out what the other writers are up to this week!

What I’m Reading

ARC August is still in effect! So far I’ve read Leila Sales’ THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE and SEX & VIOLENCE by Carrie Mesrobian. Up next: Jessica Park’s LEFT DROWNING.

What I’m Writing

I’ve been rewarding myself for sticking to my revising schedule with fresh words. For now the new shiny is called THINGS I SHOULD HAVE SAID. Despite it being a newborn (and my being terrified), I posted it to the YA forums at WriteOnCon. It’s getting so much helpful feedback. Letting my work out into the wild this soon is very different for me but it’s been totally worth it.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Music! So far, my WIP playlist is really getting me through. Angsty, brutal, anguished. Love it!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

The past couple of days have been all WriteOnCon all the time. Yay! Not mad about that AT ALL. There’s so much awesome advice for all writers, not just kidlit. The articles can be viewed  at the main site. I’m having a hard time pulling myself away from the forums because there’s so much amazing work in there. I really want them to be books already so I can read them!


16 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. I skipped my Wednesday post this week because I was busy with work and Write on Con. Glad you found feedback that helped!

    So happy you mentioned Leila Sales has a new book coming out–I just added it on Goodreads! I love, loved Past Perfect. Such a great summer read; I think I read it one day.


  2. That title is so perfectly YA. Here’s to hoping the words inside are just as fabulous. I’m sure they will be, once you write them all. Good luck with everything this week.


  3. I’m super envious of your ARC August! Those books sound fantastic. 🙂 I like this notion of rewarding yourself for spending time revising with being able to write new words. I should really consider doing that! 🙂


    1. I had way too many ARCs piling up on me! Thank goodness Octavia at Read.Sleep.Repeat came up with such a brilliant idea. And if I didn’t set up some kind of reward system I’d never get any revising done. So far it’s working well!


  4. What did you think of SEX AND VIOLENCE? I’ve heard good things about it and I’m thinking I might just have to pick it up. Best of luck with WriteOnCon and with your goals in the coming week!


  5. Yay for putting your work in WritOnCon! I attended for 3 years and got very valuable feedback (plus 2 requests from agents). I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the help you get there. 🙂


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