Weekend Wrap-Up

guest blogging

I recently  ranted  guest blogged over at You Are What You Write. Thanks to Rachel Horwitz for hosting me and being so supportive! I always find great insights and advice at Rachel’s blog so make sure you check it out.



Patrice of Whimsically Yours was kind enough to bestow me with the Inner Peace and Sunshine Awards! Patrice recently launched Operation Diversity with fellow blogger and writer Raven Ashley focusing on issues surrounding diversity in kidlit (namely that there’s not so much). I’m excited to follow along! Per the rules of the awards, I have to share Seven Things About Me.

1. I’m a little superstitious. It doesn’t control my entire life (for instance, I own a black cat that constantly tries to maim/kill me by crossing my path) but I am mindful of things like not splitting poles when I’m walking beside someone, throwing spilled salt over my left shoulder, and patting people on the back when I accidentally step on their heels.

2. I’ve always wanted a cool nickname. I’ve been called Adri, A, and Nikki (for my middle name, Nichole) but nothing’s really resonated with me.

3. Growing up, I wanted to be a psychologist. I’m still fascinated by  why we do the things we do.  This desire to understand human behavior definitely fuels my writing.

4. I’ve broken my right ankle three times and sprained it twice.

5. I’m attempting an alternating point-of-view story for the first time.  I tried everything I could to just write it in one voice but the other voice kept poking into my head saying “You’re not telling it right!” so I had to give it a go. 

6. I love musicals. If everyone would just randomly burst into song instead of talking it would make my life.

7.  I’m guilty of plotting my writing via Sims 3.


I’m supposed to pass these awards along but I need to go back to revising so if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged. I can’t wait to learn more about you!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I love that you like with a “witch” cat! So sorry to hear about all your right ankle mishaps. I’ve written one alternating POV novel and did it for the same reason you are — it wasn’t planned, but the character just demanded his own POV and story line. Congrats on the awards! 🙂


      1. Yes, he is in league with the dark lord. But I love him! 😀 I’m glad to know you survived the pushy POV. I’m excited to see where it takes me.


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