Because CATS

So apparently I decided to take a week off from the blog. Totally wasn’t planned, I promise. It was a worthy sacrifice considering all of the fiction writing I’ve been doing lately. My short story (which I’ve dubbed DRAMA OF THE CORN) is coming along. At first I was driving myself crazy paying attention to every little word–It must be short!–and I finally realized that length matters not at this point. That’s what editing is for! Right now, I just need to get the story down because this bugger is effing persistent.

Fine, story, I’ll write you. Just leave me alone.

I’m also doing a lot of writing for work, which mostly consists of copy describing museum programs, tweets, and research notes for upcoming blog posts. It’s still enjoyable because I love writing but it exercises a different set of muscles. Plus, I can’t write kissyface there. Bummer.

Kissyface 4 EVA.

Now that HAPPENS FOR A REASON’s in relatively good shape, I have to decide what’s going to happen with the other WIPs taking up room in my Dropbox. There’s at least four in varying stages. So intimidating. Which one to work on first? Do I trunk one (or more)? How can I get these stories to do what they’re told?


What are y’all up to? How do you decide which story to write next? 

13 thoughts on “Because CATS”

  1. I really try not to start stories and not finish them so I try to go in order of when I came up with the idea for them. For instance I have 4 stories to write after I finish rewriting my WIP, and I’ll be starting with the idea that first came, first. That is unless I get bored or stuck with it then I’ll move on to another or if another one is pleading with me to write it (as one of them is right now).


  2. I know people who have several WIPs in different stages and if they get inspired they take one out of mothballs and work on it, so don’t feel alone about that. I’d work on the one where you have the most ideas for scenes and the best grasp of characters. (But I’m an outliner! lol)
    Good luck! 🙂


  3. I’m having a problem right now trying to decide which WIP to do for CampNaNoWriMo. There’s three and I want to write all of them right now, but that’s not possible. I think I know which I’m going to do. YA authors Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas say to write the story that you want more than any other story to end up in the world — if there’s just one book you could write a publish, that should be it. So … I think I know which one that is. Though, I had a different opinion last week. It’s so hard to chose 😦


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