What’s Up Wednesday

what's up wednesdayWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme brought to you by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. I’m a first-timer, so please be gentle.

What I’m Reading

I just finished Katie McGarry’s DARE YOU TO, BEGINNERS’ LOVE by Norma Klein,  and THE NEXT FOREVER by Lisa Burstein.  My reads are romance-heavy as usual.


What I’m Writing 

I’m working on PLEASE STAND BY. I think this is the second-and-a-half  revision. I stayed away from it for a few months because it was so freaking annoying. And by annoying, I mean I was trying too hard to control every little bit of it rather than trusting my usual process and letting the story reveal itself. I get nowhere fast when I try to stage-mother my writing.

What Inspires Me Right Now

This interview with Alice Walker, the author of one of my all-time favorite novels, THE COLOR PURPLE. When she talks about how literature doesn’t reflect the experiences of the people that populate her life, I get chills:  “If you deny people a voice, their own voice, there’s no way you’ll ever know who they were, and so they are erased.” PREACH, Alice!

What Else I’ve Been  Up To

  • I’ve found a YA book club in my city. Yay! Now I just have to work up the nerve to go.
  • Plotting on vacations. I may not be able to swing Hawaii but there’s plenty of cool places within driving distance and for the first time in forever, I don’t have the kind of job that makes taking summer trips impossible.
  • Mindless entertainment. I’ve been watching way too many episodes of “Wipeout.” Where has this show been all my life?

big balls




15 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. Hey there! I loved PUSHING THE LIMITS, so I’m excited to read DARE YOU TO – and kinda hesitant, too. Like, what if it’s not as good? I guess I’ll have to be ready whenever my hold arrives at the library!

    Have you ever been to Door County? That would be within driving distance, right? I’ve been once and I’ve often thought about going back for some sort of writing intensive. So beautiful there. I hope you’ll find lots of interesting places to visit this summer!

    Go for it on the YA book club – I love my book club gal pals and I couldn’t live without them!


    1. I need to write my review for DARE YOU TO. Lots of mixed feelings there. I haven’t read PUSHING THE LIMITS though people keep raving about it. Funny you should mention Door County, that’s where I’d love to go! My friend that lives in Minneapolis and I were talking about doing a retreat up there someday.


  2. Stage-mother your writing – I love that visual and can too often relate to that. Last year, I stepped away from my MS for over 6 months, because I was so tired of looking at it. And it was probably the best thing I could do. Then I dove back in and rewrote over 60k of my 89,000 words in less than 3 weeks…and every moment was insane but I learned that letting it go made the biggest difference. Best of luck as you make your way through your revisions again – I hope it comes out for the better on the other side!

    And how awesome that you found a YA book club near you? Such a rarity, indeed – I hope you enjoy and find plenty of great recommendations to share here on your blog!


  3. Wow, that wipeout gif. Looks painful! Awesome that you’re feeling better about your revisions! That’s a great place to be.


  4. Haha, we have Wipeout over here too. It’s too amusing 😛

    I love the title of your WiP! Also, trying to “Stage-mother” you WiP is SUCH a great term. I properly giggled!


    1. What is it about that show? I’m obsessed! And I laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants.

      Thanks for the compliment on my WIP title, it took months to figure out what it should be called. And I am such a terrible micro-manager. My WIP was NOT listening!


  5. Hi, Adrianne! Glad you joined us for What’s Up Wednesday this week! I love that quote you shared. It’s a great reminder that fiction writers can record history in a way that’s just as important as any textbook, and maybe even in a truer sense. Good luck with the revisions, and I hope you have a fun time at your YA book club! I so wish I knew of one in my area! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Erin! I’m a long-time lurker but first-time contributor. 🙂 You make a good point, all literature contributes to common history and discourse, and you can often address issues in fiction that would be too controversial in other formats. Revisions suck a bit less than they used to, but it’s still real work. I’m just procrastinating. 🙂


  6. Oh jump on that opportunity and get out on vacation! You’ll have a great time! Where are you thinking you might go that’s easy to get to? There’s so many great places in America…! I’m jealous how easy it is for you all to drive to a new amazing location!

    And don’t be afraid of the YA book club! Walk in there with your head held high – they’ll love you 🙂


    1. I’m in the Midwest U.S. in Kansas, so places like Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas are within a day or two worth of travel. I’d like to see some National Parks and do some camping. I hope the book club will go okay. Keeping my fingers crossed that everyone’s friendly. 🙂


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