Armchair BEA: Getting to Know You


Armchair BEA kicks off today with an introductory Q&A. Lots of awesome writers are participating so if you have a chance, hop around the interwebs and learn more about them.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

I’m Adrianne Russell. I’m a museum nerd, bookaholic, writer, and baked goods enthusiast. I started my first blog, Cabinet of Curiosities, in 2009. It began as a way to share my love of all things museum-related and to stay connected with the industry as an emerging professional. In 2011, I created this blog to chronicle my journey as I rekindled my love for writing young adult fiction.

What is your favorite part about the book blogging community? 

Y’all, this community is super supportive, intelligent, generous, and so knowledgeable, it’s unreal. Book bloggers tend to be serious about their work but don’t take themselves too seriously, something I really admire. The idea that there is room for everyone’s ideas and opinions is what makes me want to stay involved and draw others into the fold.

Where in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location. Feel free to share pictures. 

I recently relocated to a town of about 50,000 souls called Manhattan, Kansas. You know that song about having a home where the buffalo roam? This is it. Nestled in the Flint Hills, the last intact tallgrass prairie in the United States, it’s what I wish everyone would picture when they imagine Kansas. It’s not flat, it’s not always brown, and it’s not just Dorothy Gale’s fictional homestead. Random fact: each spring, the Flint Hills are subjected to controlled burns to protect the prairie’s biodiversity.

flint hills collage
Personal photos by Adrianne Russell.

Which is your favorite post that you have written that you want everyone to read? 

My favorite post on this blog is “The Fine Art of Self-Sabotage.” I feel writers (present company included) tend to underplay their skills, devalue their talent, and get in their own way. Fear and insecurity are powerful things and it’s a struggle to keep them in check. I wrote this post to remind myself that overcoming fear is part of becoming a better writer and to keep my goals at the forefront of my mind.

What literary location would you most like to visit? Why? 

I’d love to be the fly on the wall following the antics depicted during one crazy, club-hopping night in New York City via NICK & NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST. Not only could I get to observe their swoon-worthy romance up close but I’d hear some kick-ass music in the process.

10 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Getting to Know You”

  1. What a great interview! I loved hearing about your life — I didn’t even know there was a Manhattan, Kansas. 😉


  2. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them. I would really like to travel around this country more. I’ve been seeing such wonderful photos as I hop around the ABEA blog posts.

    This community is simply the best 🙂

    I hope you’re enjoying ABEA, happy reading!


  3. Oh my goodness, yes! A Nick & Nora night in NYC would be so much fun! Do you enjoy living in Manhattan? I’m a Kansan, but in the KC metro area. But I had a lot of friends who when to K-State so I’ve been to Manhattan.


    1. Manhattan’s pretty cool so far. It’s been an adjustment after living in KC. I keep getting places really early because I’m used to long commutes! 🙂 It’s been a challenge finding other writers here but I’m not giving up yet.


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