Conference Envy: I Haz It

I frequently (and annoyingly) complain of writing conference envy.  One of my 2013 goals is to attend at least one in-person gathering officially dedicated to some aspect of writing.  As the days tick past and my budget struggles to keep pace with recovering from relocation expenses, student loans, and eating regularly, that goal often seems unattainable.

Currently on the ohmygodimustdothisbeforeicroak list is Book Expo America, also known as BEA or “Bookgasm Central.” Getting to New York City is out of the question but until this conference moves West (I see you, 2016), I take comfort in the fact that many events will stream live. Hopefully this will keep me from  rending my garments in covetous spite as my timeline floods with tweets of the “I’m at BEA and you’re not. Stay pressed!” variety.


And I can’t forget to mention Armchair BEA, the amazing virtual conference for the fiscally challenged. In addition to connecting us to what’s going on at BEA proper, there’s a great slate of Twitter parties, giveways, development opportunities, and networking events. One of the best parts about conferencing is connecting with other writers, and y’all know how I feel about the online writing community so this is an exciting (and inexpensive) way to make that happen.

So those of you actually going to BEA have an awesome time.  Meet your author heroes, thank your readers, grab tons of swag, find your dream agents, and pitch your hearts out.  I’m with you in spirit!

Anyone else been attacked by the green-eyed monster? How do you deal with envy? 

6 thoughts on “Conference Envy: I Haz It”

  1. I completely hear you on the conference envy! I wish I were going so much. (Free books, are you kidding me? That sounds like heaven!) Someday, I say, some day 🙂 I will definitely have to check out more of the armchair BEA events!


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