Don’t Forget the Fun

hardest thing ever

Lisa, you AIN’T NEVA LIED.

I struggled with writing this past weekend. I fought the urge to start Camp NaNoWriMo early even though I knew I had a crap-ton of revising to do on HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

I got to Friday night’s #writeclub later than I wanted to and then pooped out early due to a Benadryl coma.

Saturday, I finished one of the best books I’ve ever read (No lie – ELEANOR & PARK is a life-changer) and immediately wanted to burn everything I’ve ever written and stitch scarlet I’s for “impostor” onto all of my clothing.

By Sunday, I was completely frustrated. So I surrendered. I stopped fighting for control of my story and let it run the show. Suddenly, I remembered that as hard as it can be, as much work as it takes to get it done, writing is SO MUCH FUN. 


11 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Fun”

  1. I’ve totally been to all those places. Read an awesome book, thought I couldn’t write worth anything — that’s the worse. I’m glad you finally got to write and remembered how fun it is! I try to focus on that first. It is fun and I do love it, no matter how hard it can be.


      1. Yes, it’s fun and that’s the ONLY reason I put myself through all this grief. 😀 Good luck with Camp! I’m there as russellorama if you need some pep talking!


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