Holy Schadenfreude! I CANNOT stop watching that gif. Besides tickling that twisted part of me that enjoys seeing kids get their comeuppance, this is a true lesson in employing the element of surprise. The dog wasn’t satisfied with obvious victory, it sought complete domination. And waited until that kid’s back was turned. No honor!

As always, I can apply this to my writing. Plots with twists and/or surprises that literally leave me gasping for air are rare but when done right, they can completely elevate a story into something transcendent and unforgettable.

So as I’m revising, I’m paying close attention to moments where I can insert a bit of surprise or astonishment. It doesn’t always have to be all ohnotheydidn’t either. Sometimes the quietest moments are the most devastating (see this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead”).


11 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. I’m a little disturbed like you like watching kids get their “comeuppance”. 😉 The perfectly written surprise is one that makes you say, “I can’t believe I didn’t see that. All the clues were there.” So hard to do, but when done right, it’s genius!


    1. Yes! I like it when I can flip back through a book and see all the little hints/foreshadowing leading to a big surprise, but still be taken aback by the turn of events. I love having that ‘onnotheydidnt’ moment.


    1. I know! I wondered if that dog came back to have another go at him. Although I do hope somebody helped him up so he wouldn’t drown. 😉 But most likely he’s wondering what the heck he did to piss that dog off.


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