Recharge Winter Writing Retreat: Day Three


It’s Day Three! So far at the virtual retreat I’ve taken to sleeping in, writing outdoors on the deck, and exploring the woods in search of abandoned moonshine stills.

icebreakerToday’s icebreaker: Tell us something about yourself that makes you unique – a quirky habit or unusual characteristic.

The Roommate says I’m 100% quirk. He exaggerates, of course. But one of the strangest things about me is that total strangers strike up conversation with me ALL THE TIME. And they talk to me as if we’ve known each other our entire lives. I have no clue why this happens! Maybe I look lonely?

Today’s topic: CHARACTER. This is my favorite thing about storytelling as a reader and a writer. Memorable characters stick with me forever. I live for characters that I can’t forget or forgive, whose words ring out in my head weeks after I’ve read them.

For today’s character exercise, I’m listing 25 random facts about my MC, Fischer.

  1. Her favorite food is cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto
  2. She’s 5’9″ tall.
  3. She quit tap dance class when she was 9 years old after falling and breaking her ankle.
  4. Her nickname is FiFi (nobody but her aunt is allowed to call her that under threat of bodily harm).
  5. She’s only traveled to four states in the U.S.
  6. She has an internal snooze alarm.
  7. When she was little, she had a recurring nightmare about giant spiders that wore clown makeup.
  8. She’s allergic to shellfish.
  9. She spent the entire summer between seventh and eighth grade reading every book in the original Sweet Valley High series.
  10. She never gets enough sleep.
  11. She can only snap the fingers on her left hand.
  12. If she could have any superpower, it would be the ability to read minds.
  13. The first song she remembers hearing is “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck.
  14. Her favorite dessert is French silk pie.
  15. The best way to piss her off is to tell her she can’t do something.
  16. She hates for people to see her cry.
  17. She’s terrified of squirrels.
  18. Her favorite board game is Chutes & Ladders.
  19. She doubts she’ll ever outgrow her love for Hello Kitty.
  20. For her fifth birthday, her mother gave her a leash for her invisible dog, Bluto.
  21. She’s good at faking things.
  22. If she could eat Chinese food every day, she would.
  23. She thinks she sucks at relationships.
  24. She got a stress ulcer when she was 13 years old.
  25. She once played Mario Kart for twelve hours straight.

What makes your favorite character memorable? 

3 thoughts on “Recharge Winter Writing Retreat: Day Three”

  1. Nice to meet you Adrienne. I’m stopping over from Sara’s blog and I also participated in this retreat. I love all the facts about your main character especially that she read Sweet Valley High as a kid 😉 Just a heads up I’m that person who ALWAYS talks to strangers lol…I guess one day we should meet in case you look lonely 😉 kidding kidding Anyway great to stop by and meet you- looking forward to more of your posts!


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