Recharge Winter Writing Retreat: Day One

writing retreat

Sara Biren has come up with the greatest of great ideas: a virtual winter writing retreat! Check out the details here.

With Winter Storm Q’s leavings still melting and Winter Storm Rocky bearing down on us, I’m soooo ready to pretend that it’s summertime.

I’m working on the great writing prompts she gave us but thought I’d also do the Icebreaker exercise here so y’all can learn even MORE about me than what I already spew on this blog.

What Is Your Name?
Adrianne Russell.

What Do You Write?
Posts for this blog and Cabinet of Curiosities (a.k.a. Museum Geek Central), social media updates for work, and young adult contemporary fiction full of angst, kissyface, and untidy endings.

How Long Have You Been Writing?
Off and on since the third grade. But it really hit home after my first NaNoWriMo in 2009 that I should be writing more often. If I go more than a couple of days without writing I get stabby.

What Location Have You Chosen for Your Retreat?
The Copperhouse in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Moonshiners” but I think that part of the country is gorgeous and I love the idea of being in an contemporary house in the middle of an old forest. I feel like I’m roughing it but I still have satellite TV.

Courtesy Watershed Luxury Home Rentals

How did you come up with the idea or find inspiration for your current WIP?
The first inklings of it came from a conversation I had with a friend about what you wish you’d known before you fell in love for the first time. The next day, I was reading and “‘Til It Happens to You” (Corinne Bailey Rae’s song about how love can kick your ass) shuffled onto my iPod. A few bars in, I heard my MC say, “This might have been okay before he felt my boobs but not now.” TRUE STORY.

Now I’m off to find even more inspiration!


6 thoughts on “Recharge Winter Writing Retreat: Day One”

  1. So glad you joined in! I feel terrible that I am just now getting around to everyone’s blogs, but when I started planning this on a whim, I just jumped right in and didn’t think about the fact that I had such a busy work week!

    I am inspired by song lyrics all the time. In fact, all of the blog posts from this week were either song titles or song lyrics. I’d be willing to bet a very high percentage of my blog post titles are song-related.

    And don’t worry about the voices. Here is another true story: when I was in college, I had a Rick Springfield album (as in, vinyl) propped up on my dresser. One morning while I was getting dressed, Rick said to me, “You better love somebody. It’s late.” No joke, clear as day, as if he were standing in the room next to me.

    I wrote a story about a woman who is obsessed with Rick Springfield and won’t let love into her life because she’s holding onto an impossible ideal.

    Voices are good!


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