Insecure Writer’s Support Group: From Dusty to Diamond

I think it’s really, really easy to give up on writing sometimes. Actually, it’s not so easy to give up writing, but it’s very tempting to give up on revisions. The Shiny, New Story is always so much more exciting than that old MS collecting dust in your drawer. Because you know bringing that dusty, old story into the light and polishing it until it gleams is effing hard. It’s even harder this week since The Roommate came to town with a friend, the Kansas City Crud that knocked me on my booty. I’m still coughing and sickly, nursing a Nyquil hangover, and wondering if it’s possible to OD on Mucinex. The last thing I want to do is think about turning my sow’s ear of an MS into a silk purse.

But there’s hope! Somewhere deep (deeeeeep) down is the heart of this story. It’s just buried in a ton of “show” and repeated abusing of the word “desperately.” But, as the crafty folk say, it has good bones. I know it cuz I feel it in mine.

So I’m not quite ready to give up on my story. Don’t give up on yours!



14 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group: From Dusty to Diamond”

  1. Great post. I completely felt this way tonight. I’ve been editing this ms for ever and finally thought I was done. Till one of my CPs brought up a huge point that I completely overlooked. Yeah, I’ll need to fix that.


  2. Great post! And that tweet is f-ing classic. Funny how life ebbs and flows. One minute you are high on a project, and then you are so over it just as fast. The Shiny New can be oh-so tempting. I think short stories can really help get you out of that slump in editing without totally going of the rails. Flash fiction, too. Write a little, then edit, maybe. Good luck getting over the crud. Vitamin C is great at any stage.


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