I’m happy to report that my great week continued into the weekend. I took a day trip Saturday which consisted of visiting a great museum, eating tasty diner food, and shopping. Sunday was a luxurious stretch of uninterrupted time wherein I stayed in bed and wrote my guts out. Yep, the first draft of PLEASE STAND BY is a wrap!

My celebration dance *might* have looked like this.

Now I can take a cue from my writing friend Poppy and get to editing. Maybe I should get it printed too just for fun? We’ll see. I’m just glad the darn thing’s finished and I can check off one of my 2013 goals. Woo hoo!

Apple pie with Satin Freeze at Bobo’s Diner, Topeka, KS. Personal photo by Adrianne Russell

How was your weekend?Ā 



11 thoughts on “Annnnd….done!”

  1. Congrats!! The apple pie looks delicious šŸ™‚ I printed out my finished YA just to see what it looked like all printed out and to begin editing it with a red pen by hand first…took forever but it was a good decision.


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