In Which I Reboot

I normally take a break from blogging around the holidays. There’s so much going on–family to see, presents to buy, naps to take–that I can’t devote too much time to posting. Well, it’s not that I can’t, I just don’t wanna.


So when I read Andrea Hannah’s recent post about being disgruntled with her WIP, it really resonated with me. I’ve felt the same way for a while, and couldn’t put my finger on why until I read Andrea’s words: “It’s not this story I hate. It’s the pressure I feel to write this thing, and in a timely fashion, all while being drained and sleep-deprived and generally miserable.”


That’s it. That’s so it. With so much bearing down on us in our lives, it’s important to be very choosy about where we put our energies. If my springtime goal is to have this story ready for querying, I need to be very focused and directed about my writing time. I don’t have the psychic wherewithal right now to spew a ton of words on my blogs and via social media and in my writing. So taking a cue from Andrea, I’m temporarily backing off those outlets and pouring those words into my story from now until the end of the year.

But I’m not completely abandoning this place! I love it and everyone who takes the time to follow and comment, and I really don’t want to see cobwebs grow here. Therefore over the next few weeks (and this is Andrea’s other brilliant idea) I’ll post images here and via Twitter (occasionally) of what my life looks like as I disconnect from social media and reconnect with the “real” world.

More of this, please.
Moar writing, please.

Happy Holidays!


10 thoughts on “In Which I Reboot”

  1. Very smart and good luck! I was overextending myself as well and have slowly pulled back from the various things I “want” to do, so that I am only minimally involved in many things. It feels so much better! Better give up a few things or just pull back then allow everything to break! Looking forward to your pictures and quickie comments 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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