NaNoWriMo Recap: End of the Road


Yassssssssssssssss! NaNoWriMo is a wrap! I won on November 24, the earliest I’ve ever crossed the finish line. The lesson for this week: whether you love or hate your story, just keep writing.

Day 18: For some reason, I can’t get the song “Can You Feel It?” by The Jacksons out of my head. Who am I to argue with the musical gods? Word Count: 36,780. Snippet: Josh shrugs and does as he’s told, but with a soft chuckle that makes my cheeks burn. Whatever game I thought I had has completely escaped me.

Day 19: Felt some weird kind of ick descending me. Don’t write any new words, but decide to read someone else’s instead. Hey, I remember books! Word Count: 36,780.

Day 20: The muse has returned and she’s working overtime. I write all day, in drips and drabs but it adds up. Word Count: 42,311. Snippet: I’m tongue-tied and feeling like a complete novice. Channeling Nat’s confidence, like I did before with Cooper, won’t work here. Teasing a guy I’ve known for years is easy. Nothing about Josh is a given. I can’t predict what he’ll say or do and that makes me nervous as hell.

Day 21: Last day of work before Thanksgiving. I’m excited about seeing my familly and good eats. Word Count: 48,880. Snippet:  “That’s a long story,” Josh says, turning down my street.

“I’ve got time.”

“Maybe someday I’ll tell it. When I know you better.”

“But you’ve seen my ass!” I blurt. Ugggh, really? Pull it together, Fallon. “That must count for something.”

Day 22: Yeah, so there’s turkey. ‘Nuff said. Word Count: 48,880.

Day 23: Turkey coma subsiding. I re-order some words and do a quick read-through to see if it makes sense so far. I’m undecided. Word Count: 48,880.

Day 24: With lots of support from Twitter and my NaNo buddies, I shrug off the growing resentment of my story and enter Winnahland! Word Count: 51,239. Snippet:  “Fine, be mysterious. See if I let you peek again.” Josh parks in the driveway, gets out and opens my door. I put my feet on the running board.

“I guess you better get out more carefully this time.”

He holds out his hand. It’s the second time I’ve held it today, and it feels even better than before. How can I get him to touch the rest of me?

Thank you so much for your support this month and congrats to everyone who attempted NaNoWriMo, no matter the wordcount!


12 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Recap: End of the Road”

      1. Haven’t dared to pick mine up yet. I fear that it’s bloody boring. It frightens me to think I could actually write 52,650 words of Zzzzzzzz! I’ll start having a reread end of December beginning of January. I’m trying to finish my reading challenge and I miss reading a lot. Good luck! Your book really does sound cool. Are there any African-American characters in your book?


      2. Oh no! I fear that ALL the time. I know if I’m bored and I wrote it, the readers are really in trouble. I miss reading so much. My to-read pile is huge. In this story, Fallon’s mother’s black and her father’s white with French ancestry, so she’s a product of that.


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