NaNoWriMo Recap: The Messy Middle

This week was all about unexpected twists, ginormous plot holes, and discovering that words I’d already written were inexplicably mirroring words in a book I just started reading. How on earth does that happen? Blargh! Thank goodness for revisions.

Day 11: Travel day. Seattle to Milwaukee. Milwaukee to Kansas City. Spotted a flight attendant wearing a “Proud K-State Mom” button. Learned her daughter and I work in the same place and she hooked our row up with lots of free snacks and drinks. Read my non-Nano story via Kindle and made revision notes. Cheated and edited one Nano line by hand (see snippet). Word Count: 18,321. Snippet: Josh says, “Wow, everybody’s so nice around here. It’s like going to Disney Prep.” Even sarcasm looks good on him.

Day 12: Decide that I need to start writing out of order if there’s to be any hope of finishing on time. Yay for faster-flowing words! Word Count: 19,012. Snippet: “What do you say? When Matt asks about me, I mean.”

“I tell him to get over it.”

“That’s it?”

“And that you’re too good for him.” His smile is warm and genuine. Sweet Cooper makes something click inside me.

Day 13: Back to work, back to reality. Wayyy too busy. No new words, but I rewrite some. Word Count: 19,012. Snippet: I open my mouth, ready to get real nosy, when the bell chimes. The room explodes in noise as everybody scrambles out. Josh gets up, takes a couple of steps away, then turns back. “You need a ride home?” I nod, suddenly too stupidly pleased to speak.

Day 14: I swear, this week’s being sponsored by Satan. I devote my lunch hour to Nano. Word Count: 23,412. Snippet: By last bell, I’m practically jumping out of my skin. The thought of having uninterrupted time with Josh is almost more than I can take. In a way, I’m glad Cooper got scared. Even I’d feel weird about making out with him and Josh the same day.

Day 15. Frustration abounds. Just so I don’t feel completely unproductive, I rearrange some words. Word Count: 23,412. Snippet: “We’ll hang out tomorrow, okay?”

“Not okay. Come on, Fallon.”


“Fine. Dump me. It’s whatever. How are you running these mysterious errands? On a Big Wheel?”

“I’ve got a ride.”

“Is it Cooper? He said he gave you a pity ride to school this morning.” Nat sounds so smug. Cooper obviously didn’t mention the pity ride I almost gave him this afternoon.

Day 16: I’m starting to see faint glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel. A freaking long tunnel filled with shrapnel and land mines and piles of radioactive goose poop and plot-eating zombies. Word Count: 26,765. Snippet: Josh jumps out, jogs around the front of the truck, and opens the passenger door. I get in like it’s nothing, like guys do that for me every day. I ignore the looks we get. I know that before night falls, Nat will hear that I blew her off for this.

Day 17: My main character’s set my outline on fire. She refuses to follow the rules but I like that about her. I channel that fiesty spirit as I perform a tiny bit of surgery on some lines that were driving me crazy. Darn inner editor. Word Count: 26,765. Snippet: I want to ask what made him offer after all this time, but I’m afraid of looking stupid, which is so unlike me. I don’t worry about what other people think. I say what I want, when I want. Why am I so concerned with what he thinks, this guy I barely know?

This week’s lesson: Some days, it’s okay to not get any wordcount.


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