A NaNo-ing We Will Go

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It’s sooooo tempting to rename my blog All NaNo All The Time this month because I’m so excited!

*bounce bounce*

But I’m aiming for balance here. So unless something super-spectacular happens, I’ll try to limit NaNo posts to once a week. Note the key word there is try.

Shameless pitch alert: This year, I’m fundraising for the Office of Letters and Light (NaNo’s parent organization). You can give to this worthy cause here.


Day 1: Up late to start writing at midnight. Background inspiration: “Call the Midwife.” Background noise: Military manuevers from nearby Ft. Riley. Word count: 3,201. Snippet: The pickup’s door opens with a rusty creak. Choking, gagging, then a disgusting, staggered splash as Nat’s vomit decorates the side of the road. Gasps as she recovers, then soft, disappointed moans as she realizes she’s puked on her shoes. She always forgets to spread her feet wide.

Day 2: Groggy. Sadly realizing I’m too old for all-nighters. Bummed that having to work means missing the local meetup at Varsity Donuts. Word Count: 4,102. Snippet: After a while, Josh leans in. “’Just a few announcements’, huh?’” He smells like minty soap. His breath tickles my ear, warming my neck. My body hums like the tuning fork Mrs. Mankameyer uses to set pitch in choir. All I have to do is turn my face a few inches to the right and I’ll finally know what his lips taste like.

Day 3: All-day museum-crawling with The Roommate. Find our way to Panera where I spend most of my writing time chatting on the phone with my little brother since it’s his birthday. Decided that when I’m a succesful author (or win the Lotto) I’ll fly him and his family home for a visit. Word Count: 5,323. Snippet: Last year I dated Jax Stone for just shy of three months. Despite his action-star sounding name, he was an extremely emo Senior who considered himself a tortured artist. All that meant was he wrote bad poetry, made terrible abstract paintings, and thought withholding physical affection amped his creativity. We broke up after a sexually frustrated fight in art class. I tried to sneak a kiss and he called me a nymphomaniac. I called him a hack who wouldn’t know talent if it bit him in the ass.

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, how’s it going? If not, please send chocolate.



11 thoughts on “A NaNo-ing We Will Go”

  1. Same for me. My story is developing even better than I thought. I wrote over 3000 words yesterday knowing that today I would e in Paris visiting a friend. Had a late night last night on the You Tube book club on live feed from 11pm to 1:30am. So today no words written. Tomorrow I’m going to try for a 4000 word day. I’ll surely be up early since I’ll be hitting the sack around 10pm. Good luck to all of you creative NaNo writers.


  2. Great progress so far. My first two days were great. Yesterday my 7 year old niece came to visit, and I learned how hard it is to write with kids in the house! I really don’t know how moms and dads do it! Today I’m up early trying to get a good day of writing in. I’m excited to see my story continue to develop!


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