Writing Highs and…Well, Mostly Lows

So I entered a writing contest. Got selected!


But I didn’t make the final cut.


I let myself deal with it poorly for about ten minutes. It felt a lot like this:

Then I remembered my 5 A’s: Acknowledge what you want. Accept hard work and rejection. Allow big dreams. Advocate for your desires. Admit it’s okay to fail and succeed.

And I went on with my day.


15 thoughts on “Writing Highs and…Well, Mostly Lows”

  1. This is a great posts…I know exactly what it feels like to face rejection in contests and in querying. When I entered a contests, got sleeted as a finalist, yet got no requests even though everyone else did…while it might have just been agent preference, I revised my MS & query. I like it much better now.

    Only rejections so far but we shall see 🙂

    Best writing wishes to you!


    1. Thanks for the good wishes! Ugh, it might be even worse to get chosen and THEN get no bites, but congrats on making it that far. I’m working on revising my query for sure and another MS that I didn’t submit for this contest.


  2. Sorry about not making the contest. 😦 If this had been your 10th entered and not made I would have said to add a 6th “A” — Adjust. When I received my 14th query rejection letter, I decided I needed to do some adjusting. I tweaked the query and the first 3 chapters of my ms ’til I was blue in the face. Now, I’m getting requests with my new submission package. BUT, since this was only one contest entered and not made, I would simply add this “A” — Apple Pie A La Mode. 😉


  3. Sorry your item was rejected. I completely sympathize. Sadly, I also know from experience that the more rejections you get, the less they sting. In addition to your 5 A’s, ice cream and chocolate help. 🙂


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