Brain Dump

Modified CC image via Open Clip Art Library.


  • Packing. I have an entire household to pack in three days.
  • Moving. It’s stressful moving out of my hometown for the first time.
  • Paperwork. My new job requires tons of it and I’m afraid I’ll miss something.
  • Fitness. I don’t want to stress eat or go into sloth-mode.
  • Writing. Revising deadlines, contest entries, NaNo prep, rejections.

What’s on your mind? 




8 thoughts on “Brain Dump”

  1. My brain hurts looking at this. I went through similar circumstances this time last year, with many major things happening at once. It was difficult, but doable. Make sure to get some r & r when everything’s done.


  2. Let’s see. You’re moving. You’re taking on a new job. And you’re doing NaNo? Not a glutton for punishment or anything? I’ll cross my fingers for you. Best of luck with all of it.


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