Road Trip Wednesday: The Write Tools

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway’s contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question. This Week’s Topic: What word processing program do you use to write your manuscript, and can you share one handy trick you’ve learned in that program that has helped you while you write?

As someone who remembers using typewriters, this week’s question made me feel old laugh. I’m a long way from my trusty electric Brother and I think I’ve tried just about every word processing software out there.

I used to be slavishly devoted to Microsoft Word but now find myself a complete fan of OpenOffice. Completely free (donations always accepted), open-source software that does everything that Word does, or at least everything that I needed Word to do.

I particularly like the comment feature, which lets me add thoughts for later edits/revisions, and that you can export documents as PDFs. I often edit docs in this format because of its ease of readability. Sometimes all it takes for me to notice errors is to see the manuscript in a different format.

What processing software do you use?

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: The Write Tools”

  1. I am the worst typist EVER! I make a zillion mistakes. Thank goodness I don’t have to type on a real typewriter, and thank goodness for Word’s auto-correct option which saves me so much time. 🙂


  2. Hiya-I use Word. Whenever I have a good writing day, which is to say whenever I have accumulated pages, I make sure to email the doc to myself. That way, I have a backup. We also have Time Machine for that.


    1. Hey there! I learned the backing-up lesson the hard way after losing a jump drive with ALL of my work on it. I’m still mourning that. LOL I back up on Dropbox AND with jump drives.


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