The Con Is Here

So it’s WriteOnCon time. Like NOW. And since I’m a total newbie, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I’m grateful for that because spending too much time thinking about everything that’s involved makes me want to do this:

So here’s what I hope to gain:

  • Insight on the agenting and publishing industries
  • Helpful critiques on my writing
  • Queries I can be proud of
  • New writerly friends
  • Bravery

Anything else is just gravy. Tasty, tasty gravy.

UPDATE: The query for my work in progress SISTER STAR was randomly chosen for the Live Pitching Event with literary agent Peter Knapp of The Park Literary Group. Awesome yet practical advice was given and gratefully received!

If you’re at WOC, hit me up. We can virtually hold each other’s hands.

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